Best Place for a New Boiler Installation

The introduction of fanned flued boilers and no-compartment ventilation allows for greater boiler placement flexibility. As a result, answering the question "where is the best boiler position?" can be difficult. Of course, any installer will tell you that each job is unique. However, there are a few things to think about if you want to find the best location for your boiler. The main factors influencing installations are existing services, exhaust, budget, and customer preference. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. So, let's try to break this down a little bit. 

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Best Place for a New Boiler Installation

Things to Think About When Relocating a Boiler 

Your budget 

Boiler replacements can be coordinated with other home improvements such as extensions or conversions. If you want your boiler relocated, you should think about the ease of relocating services and how simple the job may be. Moving a boiler may also result in an increase in boiler installation costs from the boiler installer.

Relocation placement

If you are starting from scratch, the services and your preferences may still apply. However, if you have access to an exterior wall that is close to a drain, it could be ideal. You should also consider the impact on home décor if your boiler placement is changing rooms. You should also consider how accessible your boiler will be because it will need to be serviced on a regular basis by a heating engineer. This means that the new location will need to be easily accessible. It will also need to comply with building codes, which must be considered during the installation process.

Changing out a boiler

You might also think about upgrading your old boiler from a system boiler to a combi-boiler or changing the fuel type. There are numerous types and sizes of boilers, and you should ensure that your boiler installer selects the appropriate one when getting a boiler quote. Many homes have the wrong size boiler installed for their needs. All of these factors may need to be taken into account when installing a new boiler for your central heating system. This, too, may have an impact on your budget. Remember that you will need to factor in not only the cost of the boiler replacement but also any changes to pipes and equipment required for the boiler.

Water, gas, and electricity

If you intend to replace the boiler, you should think about where the gas, water, and electric pipes/lines will go. If the boiler is also pre-condensing, you may require a drain. If you are installing a gas boiler, you must hire a gas safe engineer to do the work. If the boiler is gas-powered, only gas engineers can install it. 

External wall repair 

If it is fanned flued, you may want to reuse the existing hole because creating a new one may be out of the question. If you need to repair an existing hole in the exterior wall, this should be budgeted for as it may necessitate the hiring of an additional tradesperson. 

Reconnecting the central heating system 

You must also consider how you will connect it to the rest of your heating system, including pipework and radiators. How will the rest of the system be affected if the placement differs significantly from the original? Budgets are frequently increased when major changes are made.