Heat Pump FAQs

Are you thinking about replacing your gas boiler with an air or ground source heat pump? Confused about which grant your are eligible for? Whether it's suitable for your home?  or If it's even worth it? At DCA Heating & Plumbing, we specialise in all aspects of heating and our heating engineers are on hand to make heat pumps simple! If we haven't answered a question you have about heat pumps give our heating engineers in Eastbourne, Ringmer or Lewes a call on 07725 520980

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Heat Pump's Made Simple

Before you think about installing a heat pump there are a few key points that need to be considered. Have I done everything I can to limit the amount of heat that escapes my home? 

  • Is the cavity wall filled (if applicable)? 
  • Is the loft insulation completed to a good standard? 
  • Is the glazing on my windows double or triple? 

Before you replace your heating system, make sure that your property is as energy-efficient as possible.

Installing A Heat Pump 

Whether you're having a ground or air source heat pump installed it's critical that your heating engineer analyses your property's heating and hot water needs in order to select the right size heat pump and heating system and achieve the greatest results. To accomplish so, they'll need to conduct a survey and calculate the building's heat loss.

What is a heat loss calculation? 

Your heating engineer will come to your home to inspect and assess the structure of your home, using the MIS 3005 calculation method to complete a room-by-room heat loss assessment. 

This will display how much heat each of your home's rooms needs to stay warm in the heart of winter, often known as the peak heating demand. 

Your heat pump installer will then suggest any changes to your system, such as replacing radiators, determining the size of your hot water cylinder, and determining the size of the heat pump your home requires to keep you warm and comfortable.

When is the heat pump grant available?

As part of the 'Boiler Upgrade Scheme,' households in England and Wales will be eligible for £5,000 in subsidies to assist them to replace gas boilers with low-carbon heat pumps starting in April 2022. 

We're waiting for more information on the prerequisites for obtaining the funding.

Will the £5,000 grant cover all costs, including installation?

Your heat pump installer will be able to provide you with a quote once they have finished the site survey and the MIS 3005 calculations. 

Currently, the £5,000 is unlikely to pay the entire cost of your new heating system installation. This may vary depending on the amount of work required and the size of your home, but you should expect to contribute to your heat pump system.

Where can I go to find out more information about heat pumps?

If you're thinking about getting a heat pump, check out our other blogs, such as our guide to heat pumps and is my home suitable for a heat pump blogs. If you want to move forward swiftly, you can contact the heating engineers at DC Heating & Plumbing using the information below to find a nearby reliable heat pump installer for their heat pump system.

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